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Mentoring Consulting One-to-One

I have not worked for a few years due to depression, I have been working towards setting up my own small business but was unsure how to move it from the idea stage to a working business. During my 2 2hr sessions I was helped with a clearer business plan / direction, the business name was registered, I was helped with some marketing ideas and I’m clear about my next steps. This will help me generate some extra income in an area I can’t find work, and allow me to remain in my accommodation. Thanks

Mentoring 6 Week Program One-to-One

David is a 46 year old man who has not worked in over 8 years. He was previously employed as a Bank Manager. Since suffering from deep depression for 10 years, he has struggled with low motivation and found it hard to pursue his goals and did not really know how to achieve them. When LifeScope was offered to him, he jumped at the opportunity.

David worked on various areas in his time with his Mentor: Work and Study Goals, Emotional and Depression, Self Esteem/Confidence, Leisure Time and Physical/Self Care. It was evident that at about 2-3 weeks into the program there was a shift for David. He attended his appointments dressed up (previously he did not present like this), he was more motivated and clearer in his approach to issues in his personal life and with what his future plans for employment would be.

Since this program, David has completed several short courses and went through an extensive application process to get into his major course where only 17 out of 70 applicants are accepted. David was one of those. David has maintained his motivation and utilises the tools that he learnt through undertaking the LifeScope Program on a daily basis. He still has regular phone contact with his Mentor.

“During this mentoring program I have learnt how to focus on my strengths rather than just my hurdles. and I have got a spark back to move out of the hole I have been in.”

Mentoring 6 Week Program One-to-One

“I found the program to be beneficial in sorting out my strengths, weaknesses and also abilities I have that may open employment – making changes ie; looking at the bigger picture and thinking of trying something new. On a personal level how I am capable, encouraging and a boost to one’s esteem.”

Mentoring 6 Week Program One-to-One

“This program did wonders for me. It gave me a new outlook. I had been putting off getting out in the real world, but I now feel good about myself, I do volunteer work nearly every day and getting part time work is my next goal.”

Mentoring 6 Week Program One-to-One

Tom is a 60yr old man who has not worked for many years. Tom had lost motivation and was becoming isolated. He also felt no one would employ him due to his age. During the program Tom and his mentor looked at his skills and interests, and came up with a number of alternative work options, one of which he obtained part time employment for 3 days a week.

“It is an excellent program”

Mentoring 6 Week Program One-to-One

Sharon attended every session of the mentoring program and was an eager participant. Some of the areas covered were: Anger Management, Social Engagement and Self-Esteem. Initially she had some resistance in dealing with her Anger Management issues, but after lengthy discussions with her mentor about addressing this area, she agreed to seek professional counselling for this. During the program, Sharon also decided to undertake some Volunteer work at Cornerstone in Dandenong (Food Kitchen).

Since completing the program, Sharon has obtained a drivers licence and has gained full time employment, so she is unable to continue with the volunteer work. She is still in contact with her mentor and has dropped into our office to say hello. She is enjoying work and is looking healthy and happy.

Mentoring Consulting One-to-One

Since his two sessions, Bruce has accepted he needs professional support for his depression and has been referred to and been attending regular counselling sessions. He has also re-enrolled into his course, but is still struggling with some of his personal issues.



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